Wild By Tart

Wild By Tart Restaurant

The first thing you notice when you arrive is the space, because there is a lot of it! This fabulous little gem is tucked away & until you walk in you wouldn’t know it was housed in an old power station. But once inside this totally makes sense. The high ceilings & industrial finish doesn’t make it cold & cavernous however, nope, you get the proper neighbourhood vibe, it’s cosy, it’s cool, oh & the staff are super friendly. If you enter from the courtyard side you’ll see the gorgeous mirrored bar running the length of the right wall, or you could meander in from the attached shop which would take you into the seating area first.

The thing that I really love about it though is the restaurant molds to your mood. Whether you want to drop in for coffee, have a relaxed catch up meal with a friend, take someone on a date, or enjoy a few cocktails & slightly raucous celebration, it will deliver. You will have the best time, & you will always feel like you are in the presence of, but not imposing/being imposed on by other diners which is actually a pretty difficult balance to strike.

The Food

The menu is centred around seasonal ingredients & thus changes relatively regularly. I have visited just a few more times than once at this stage however & I have never been disappointed. There is a great balance between vegetable & protein dishes, & these also span the different sizing options available. The portions are generous for the prices as well which is something that is becoming less usual these days. We shared a couple of snacks to begin, followed by 2 small plates, 2 larger plates & a couple of sides. We over ordered as the side dishes are easily enough to serve 4 people generously. The larger plates are perfect between 2 people as a main if you’ve gone for the tapas sharing style as we did. The underlying thing for me however is that the food is prepared with care, in the sense that it isn’t heavy, it’s fresh & light & so a little extra abundance doesn’t leave you feeling weighed down.

In terms of eating with dietary requirements these are all clearly labelled on the menu & the majority of the menu is naturally gluten free which is such a joy to see. I have been informed that their flatbreads are to die for though.

The Drink

Again what a refreshing experience these were! I am a lady who loves a cocktail but often veer away from a predefined suggestion when in restaurants as they tend to be overly sweet. Not here however – the Cucarita (lime, tequila, cucumber) is divinely refreshing, & The Little Chihuahua (my dining partner’s choice – mezcal, pineapple, coriander, mint, lime, jalapeno) was also delicious & not overly done. There is no sugar syrup on their cocktail menu, only fresh ingredients, & that to me gets a big thumbs up.

They also have a stunning & extensive wine list + the option to bring your own if you pay corkage. And if you don’t fancy an alcoholic beverage then never fear, they offer lovely mocktails that have had just as much consideration paid to them as those containing the hard stuff.

The Verdict

I wouldn’t want to be seen as picking favourites but if I had to choose my current ‘all rounder’ this would probably be it. It’s one of those places you can (& will) revisit, both your old faithful & the peppy younger cousin nipping at your heels & making you feel youthfully alive all in one.

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