Phoebe Liebling began Natural Nourishment with a clear view; to give clear, unbiased nutritional guidance, that empowers those who see her or 1 of her team to take charge of their own health long term. She truly believes that every mouthful does matter as the choices we make in terms of our diet have the power either to heal or to hurt us.

Running parallel to this however is the heart of a true food enthusiast, here to prove that living in a healthful way does not mean we must deprive ourselves of the things we enjoy, in fact the opposite is the case! Her creative recipes utilise ingredients in new ways, simple tweaks to how we cook transforms ‘unhealthy’ dishes into those that enhance our wellbeing, and this all marries together with positive lifestyle choices to optimise every aspect of mental and physical well being.

The Natural Nourishment Approach

When consulting with clients dietary alterations always come first as there is usually a tremendous amount we can achieve with these alone. Small, manageable changes over a period of weeks & months mean nothing becomes overwhelming, with ongoing support from your practitioner available throughout. If therapeutic supplements or additional testing may be of benefit in a particular situation this is something that would be discussed with that individual.

My own experiences with my health were the original spark to enter into the Functional Medicine sphere, & this insight into the journey you will be taking as a client means both I & my team fully understand what the process involves. This is not about a Doctor & their patient, we buy into a collaboration with you as our clients & are here to support you every step of the way.

As with any aspect of our lives, if we have neglected our health for some time it will not be an overnight fix, but I am confident that our truly 360 degree approach can help you to feel & live the best you possibly can. For a little snapshot of the lovely comments some of our clients have left please do visit the testimonials page.

More information on Nutritional Therapy can be found here but please do feel free to contact me to discuss your particular situation & what I feel will be of most benefit to you.

I am convinced that everyone can eat well & thoroughly enjoy doing so if given the right tools, & it is my hope that you will swiftly come to agree with me.

With healthy wishes,

Phoebe Liebling

Nutrition Therapist & Clinical Director

BSc (Hons), Dip NT, mBANT, mNNA, CNHC registered, GNC registered

Florence de Walden

In the early Summer of 2021 it was my absolute pleasure to welcome Florence de Walden to the Natural Nourishment family. Florence is a highly skilled Nutritional Therapist, specialising in concerns related to blood sugar, weight management, energy dysfunction & gut health.

Again Florence has unique insight into her clients’ journeys as a Type I diabetic, & you would be hard pressed to find anyone more knowledgable about her clinical specialisms!

Florence’s passion for easily incorporating healthy practises into our lives means her advice slots into your routine, whether you are working full time, are a stay at home mum to young children, or just have a busy social life. She knows that complicated or restrictive diets will rarely produce the results you’re looking for & that long term optimal health is based on a foundation of good nutrition tailored to your personal needs & lifestyle.

Florence de Walden

No man is an island & no aspect of our health occurs in isolation

Nutritional Therapy approaches each individual from a global perspective considering all elements of their diet but also their lifestyle, environment & emotional state as these all contribute to how well or unwell we then feel.

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