Brand Consultancy

Renowned as being the port of call when friends & colleagues need a product recommendation, specific recipe or technical explanation, it’s this combination of creativity, scientific understanding & dedication to enjoyment that we bring to every project we collaborate on.

Recipe Packages

Culinary creativity is something that comes naturally to me. I have always been an adept cook & having to overhaul my diet completely following the diagnosis of dairy & gluten allergies in my early 20s came as a blessing in disguise. I truly understand how ingredients work & how to create naturally delicious food that benefits us nutritionally but is also textural & exciting. I am also a staunch believer in using the highest quality ingredients available & avoiding all binding agents, sweeteners & additives, & revel in the opportunity to show others how to do this too.

Whether you are looking for a standalone showcase of a product, or a longer term collaborative relationship, please do be in touch to discuss your needs.

Product Development

As with the above I am dedicated to excellence when it comes to consulting on such projects. I have the unique ability to combine my clinical understanding of anatomy & physiology with a passion for environmental consciousness & insight into what customers actually need. Thus creating a service that addresses all angles; from formulation, to flavour, to suitability for market.

I am happy to take on briefs at any stage, you could have a concept & want me to turn it into something tangible, it may be that you are already there but want the technical backing to base your marketing on, or you may simply want me to appraise your finished article before going to market.

My experience with this process is such that I understand the personal investment that goes into creating & producing something from scratch, so please do contact me to explore how I can support your individual needs.

Events & Presentations

It could be a panel discussion, solo speaking engagement, educational webinar or recipe demonstration, & you could have a specific idea or simply a topic area that you’d like me to then create something specific from. Whatever your idea I would be delighted to help.

Having obtained degrees in both Environmental Science & Nutritional Therapy I am skilled to address a broad range of subject areas, & this is then overlain with years of clinical experience & an acute understanding of how to tailor information & communication styles to the audience in front of me.

Every project is individual, & each will receive the same level of creativity, enthusiasm, diligent care & attention to detail.

Technology is such that geographical distance is no object, so wherever you find yourself in the world please do be in touch.

For those who prefer to meet in person this is of course no problem at all, as I say all of these services will be tailored to your requirements & needs.

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