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'Wellness That Works': 2019 The Year That Holistic Health Goes Mainstream

Back in early January I had the pleasure of witnessing one of the most exciting revolutions I have seen in recent history – the rebranding of Weight Watchers as ‘WW‘.

Now this may not seem like a normal thing for me to say (but then I’d hope by now you were somewhat used to my occasionally convoluted rambling) but hopefully as you continue to read all will become clear.

Well we can all only hope so …

Right how to explain my slight sidebar of a statement … here goes!

Within the sphere of Functional Medicine & Nutritional Therapy we consider the individual as a whole entity, & as such any attempt to alter that person’s health state, whether physically or emotionally, must address all elements of their nutrition, lifestyle, environment & other influencing factors such as social support network & stress state. On reading those words I’m quite confident that you would all agree at the importance of doing this but then we would be in the minority as the standard approach to healthcare has always (& continues in many places) to be one of isolationism, i.e. picking one bit & trying to remedy that on its own before moving onto the next.

So how does that link with this relaunch?

Well I’ll tell you!

Weight Watchers, or WW as it will be known from here on out is a massive institution, & this reimagining sings of the potential for huge mainstream change, hence my almost giddy levels of excitement. By restructuring their entire outlook to be more inline with what I have just described above, employing a three pillar system that looks to natural whole foods, appropriate physical activity & emotional wellbeing, WW could be considered as one of the first ‘big dogs’ to ring in the changes.

And that’s why I am more than happy to hold my hands up & give them a little round of applause.

Now this is not to say I will be closing down my practice & sending all of my clients over to their closest WW meeting as when we take the personalisation out of the equation we lessen the tailored therapeutic nature of that advice. However as a means to encourage, to bolster, to provide support & to get people started on the right road, well then I am more than happy to scoot over on my chair & welcome WW to the wellness table.

There are still elements I would question but I feel there is no need to nit-pick here, a chorus of optimism being far more enjoyable to read (& write!).

And as a means of showing my support (not a hardship as if you’ve seen my daily Instagram stories you’ll know I have a tendency towards this anyway!), I recorded the video clip below. Part of the initial promotion of their new image relates to their brand ambassador Robbie Williams & his dancing with others of the same name from different walks of life (wellness is for ‘Every Robbie’ haw haw) you can find that original clip here. I am by no means the world’s most adept mover & shaker but life is there to be enjoyed, & exercise, or should I say movement in general, should always be fun, that way we will want to do it, we will continue to do it, & our bodies & minds will be forever grateful for it too.

Any excuse to play the fool … but I would prefer to be foolhardy in my fitness regime than flog myself to boredom in the gym!

For more information on my approach to weight loss/management please see here, & of course if you fancy getting your shimmy on then grab a camera, strike a pose & share on Instagram tagging me @_naturalnourishment & @ww using the hashtag #WWForEveryBody.

With healthy wishes,

Phoebe x