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Well Easy - A New Simplified Way To Shop

There has long been a suggestion that choosing to purchase better quality food, clean beauty & environmentally conscious cleaning products will set you back an eye wateringly higher amount of money than going with the bog standard supermarket brands.

And yes, opting for things which have an element of artisan consideration about them may increase their price a touch but I am here to tell you that there is a new way to get your hands on all the things you’d find in the Natural Nourishment teams’ kitchen cupboards, under our sinks, in utility rooms, bathrooms, make up bags etc.

Welcome stage right… Well Easy.

We discovered this new online platform at the end of 2021, it was set up by 2 lovely chaps who saw the exact issue I mentioned above & decided that this was something they had to solve. So their model is you pay £29/year to become a member, & in return they offer 20-40% off the RRP on everything from organic dried herbs to laundry detergent.

We have all been using their service for a couple of months & started introducing it to our clinical clients at the beginning of January, & all we can say is we love them. That £29 is easily recouped within 2-3 shops based on the savings you make, & the other fab thing is that you can experiment with lots of different bits & pieces without having to purchase a larger amount to meet a minimum spend on that individual brand’s website. There is a very specific selection criteria for products that are added to their catalogue so in terms of searching for bits you can be confident are great for you, well they’ve taken a lot of the legwork out of this for you too.

They are so confident you will be as besotted as we are that you can try 30 days for free, access the website via this link, or just use the discount code NATNOURISH at the checkout & they’ll give you an additional 25% off your order too.

Happy days indeed!

Phoebe x