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Nutrition For Brain Health: WEBINAR

Earlier this week I had the privilege of presenting a webinar in collaboration with IHCAN and Motion Nutrition on how we can optimise the functioning of our brains and nervous system with natural nootropics and nutritional intervention.

Concerns over neurological function, chronic stress, anxiety and sleep disorders are hugely commonplace within my clinic and as such this has become somewhat of a passion for me. This also goes hand in hand with the team at Motion Nutrition developing 2 specific new products designed to support this most important organ, and their blends of bioavailable micronutrients, amino acids and herbs are truly at the cutting edge of this field.

I include a link to the webinar below if you would like to listen back, it is geared towards practitioners but I tailor the explanation so it shouldn’t be overwhelming if you have no prior knowledge on this subject. A downloadable copy of the references for the slides are also available below.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me or the Motion Nutrition team.

With healthy wishes,

Phoebe x

WEBINAR: “Great Minds: Optimising Brain Function with Natural Nootropics”