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Histamine - The Rundown, The Diet, The Intolerance: VIDEO

I have recently been overwhelmed with questions on this topic so I thought the simplest way to answer them all was with a short video – and hey presto that’s what I’ve done!

To summarise – histamine is a natural component of our immune system but issues can arise when we see too much circulating in the body due to insufficient breakdown &/or over-influx. The removal of certain foods in combination with the support for the specific liver enzymes that degrade histamine will usually be transformative for someone with slightly sluggish histamine breakdown, however certain people may be diagnosed as histamine intolerant which would usually indicate a genetic mutation & thus inefficacy of those liver enzymes.

If this is the case then there is no need to be alarmed – the adoption of a low histamine diet & the addition of some targeted supplementation can easily allow that person to live without/with manageable symptoms. And similarly someone with seasonal allergies can look to tweak their diet & lifestyle to account for their tendencies towards symptoms at certain times of year to avoid their onset or at least lessen their intensity significantly.

Within the video I mention the following resources which I give links to below

Histamine Food Lists

Quercetin Rich Foods

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