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Sleep Stories: In Conversation with Motion Nutrition on All Things Slumber Related

Sleep is pretty important.

Actually let me re-phrase that, sleep is REALLY important, & probably more so than many people realise.

One of the plagues of our time is poor sleep & this doesn’t just mean you end up feeling a little foggy headed the next morning, in fact we can see on scanning imagery of the brain that just 1 night of less than optimal sleep will cause the global function (your overall cognitive functioning ability) of your brain to decrease. Not such good news!

To try & give blanket advice on how to improve someone’s sleep cycle however, well that is near impossible, of course there are certain things we can all benefit from but if sleep if really eluding you I would wholeheartedly suggest diving in a little deeper & perhaps being in touch as to how we can remedy this for you.

But anyway that’s a thought for another time, today I am sharing some of my top tips in this interview with Motion Nutrition, so have a read & of course do not hesitate to nip over any questions you may have.

With healthy wishes,

Phoebe x

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