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Redefining Desserts with Motion Nutrition

To say I spend a significant amount of my time talking about the downside of a sugar laden lifestyle would be underplaying it, we are literally bombarded from every direction by the sweet stuff and sadly for us it is doing us no favours.

The primary reasons we adore sweet things is they flood our bloodstream with quick energy and our nervous systems with all those feel good feelings. Now that is all well and good but our bodies cannot cope with a huge surge in blood sugar, and in fact a high blood glucose level can be exceptionally damaging, so in response to such a peak our pancreas will rapidly secrete lots of insulin to bring things back down again – hence why we experience a ‘sugar crash’ afterwards.

Repetitive triggering of this protective mechanism is also pretty hard going on the pancreas and so to help itself along our body will also start to down-regulate its cell’s receptors to blood glucose. Now this is a double edged sword because not only will we not get that circulating sugar into the cells effectively to be used for our metabolic processes (cue a craving for more sweets as we can’t tell we already have enough) but we also then have high levels of hugely inflammatory sugars freewheeling about the place causing damage.

Now this doesn’t sound like an ideal scenario but it is very few people who I say this to who will throw up their hands and declare they’ll never touch a treat again.

So what do we do? Feel guilty and terrified every time we have something just a little naughty? Absolutely NOT! You should all know by now my ethos is not one of deprivation in any form – instead we just need to be a tad more savvy when it comes to our indulgences so they serve our bodies and our tastebuds equally well.

And that’s where the Motion Nutrition team come in because they provide the perfect ingredients to turn the tables on those tantalising treats. I am of course talking about protein powders.

Adding more protein into a dessert means you completely re-configure the nutrition profile of what you are eating. Protein takes far longer to digest and thus massively slows the release of that energy into the bloodstream – hey presto Mr Happy Pancreas! The other side of this also being that you feel far more satisfied by said delicious morsel and so are likely to eat less of them whilst experiencing the same (if not more!) enjoyment.

A super simple trick but one that will serve you extremely well, and if the speed at which my taste testers demolished the recipes below by….well then these beauties by no means feel ‘healthy’.

Raw Cacao Lava Cakes with Coconut Yoghurt

Peanut Panna Cotta