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Magnetic Musings; How Wireless Technology Affects The Nervous System

I am eternally fascinated by the body and have recently found myself delving deeper and deeper into the world of nervous system and brain health. One of the underlying themes I keep returning to is the impact our modern way of living has on our body’s innate protective mechanisms and/or functioning, and so today I want to touch on one of our most highly prized (but also potentially disruptive) commodities – wireless technology.

There was a time in my life when I could hum you the dialling up tone for the internet, that series of bleeps that would hopefully conclude in a connection and the ability to chat to friends on MSN messenger (seems archaic now in the world of constant, instant communication!) Anyway that process is very much a thing of the past and we can now mostly enjoy continuous connection to the worldwide web, a fantastic advent for business, medicine, travel etc etc BUT is it good for us to constantly be bombarded from every angle with these things?

Now this is not the topic for today but I will just mention some of the emotional consequences of constant connection – an exponentially rising rate of mental illness, eating disorders and other issues related to self image in all age groups due to the unrealistic imagery we are flooded with, and a sense of dissatisfaction with one’s life as it doesn’t match to portrayed ideals.

But as I said that’s not what I’m looking at today. Instead I want to talk about the physiological effects of the electromagnetic fields that are emitted by wireless devices.

The nervous system works by sending electric currents along the nerves from the brain to the peripheries and then a bounce back signal takes the ‘answer’ from these areas back to the brain, so if we have constant exposure to external electric impulses this can (and will) interrupt the nervous system. And when the nervous system can’t work properly we don’t sleep, we become anxious, we feel fatigued, basically all of those things that make us feel good are affected.

So how can we avoid this?

Well I recently discovered the fabulous company Energy Dots (and if you check my wrist in this photo you can spy one). They make specifically charged magnets which harmonise these external electromagnetic frequencies with your body, preventing them from being able to negatively affect us. In terms of my personal experience I popped one on my wrist and from the first night my sleep quality improved. I also have one of the adhesive stickers on my phone and will be investing in more of their products to place around my flat and decorate my other electronics.

I truly believe this is something we need to be far more aware of, and for any of you also based in London there have just been confirmed plans to install 5G networks around the capital to allow literally continuous WiFi across the city. These networks will be exceptionally powerful (fantastic if you need to send emails or scroll through social media all the time) but will also place untold pressure on our body’s delicate balance.

So that’s my 2 cents for today, please do be in touch if you have any questions or would like to chat about this some more, and absolutely check out the Energy Dots website for more specific research and information.

With healthy wishes,

Phoebe x