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Interview with Good Hemp: Top Tips On Adding More Plant Based Foods Into Diets

The rise in popularity of plant based eating has seemed to gather almost exponential levels of steam of late, & with ‘Veganuary’ now ticked off for another year I felt it apt to share this interview that I did with Good Hemp for those who wish to explore the health & environmentally supportive benefits of increasing these foods within their daily life as more of an ongoing thing.

One of my guiding principles here however is of distinction – just because it’s vegan doesn’t make it healthy, & actually it doesn’t ensure it is environmentally friendly either. So when I refer to plant based or vegan foods I am talking of those that are naturally free from animal products rather than those that have been created to fill the gap that removing meat, fish, eggs, dairy, honey etc leaves behind.

Fundamentally the choice of the diet that you follow is entirely personal, & from that standpoint I will caution that veganism isn’t something that will suit everyone, as an example I personally don’t find I can absorb & convert sufficient plant based iron to support my activity levels adequately so I supplement a diversely colourful whole food diet containing beans, pulses, lentils, nut & seeds with wild fish & grass fed, organic meat, poultry & eggs. I personally cannot have dairy so that is not a consideration but similarly I would suggest opting for organic, high welfare standard products, perhaps in lesser quantities to account for their slightly increased price, to be a beneficial exchange both for our health in terms of the elements we take in (or avoid – non-organic animal products can contain medications, hormones etc), whilst also ensuring those animals have as enjoyable a life as possible.

Find the full interview here, & of course please do be in touch if this raises any questions.

With healthy wishes,

Phoebe x