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Brand Love: Dr Hauschka

I think this photo just epitomises the ethos of this fantastic skincare & make-up brand, & to say they are an absolute mainstay in my bathroom, well that’s potentially underplaying how much I love their products!

When entering into the world of conscious skincare there are levels, those brands which utilise natural ingredients & those who go that step further & harness the functional nature of the elements they choose to include, & this is where Dr Hauschka shines.

Without re-writing their website here for you I’ll give one simple example & that is the rose wax they include in their day creams. From a superficial point of view you get the most luxurious, nourishing texture, a moisture that feels like it actually does something to protect you against the harshness of a chilly day &/or blazing sun. But then on top of that you also get its incredible antioxidant properties, in levels that are therapeutically significant & will guard you against environmental pollutants, improve the elasticity of your skin & prevent premature signs of ageing.

And this care & attention is seen in every product they make, & not just at our consumer level either, the same responsibility goes the other way. All of their growing & manufacturing practises are organic & sustainable so not only do we as users benefit by gaining the true medicinal properties of the ingredients, but they as a brand (& then us by association) support the environment through our choice of cosmetics. Oh & by being organic we also aren’t exposed to any nasty things we would be looking to avoid by opting for natural skincare products in the first place.

So yes I am a huge fan of this brand, & I think their longevity in the market place shows that I’m not the only one! As a slight aside I used to absolutely lust after my Mum’s Hauschka bath products when I was little & my goodness it was a treat when I was a allowed a few drops of her bath oil!

I include a few of my all time favourites below but I would thoroughly recommend their entire range, also just to mention I use the products containing the active elements/herbs that suit my skin type & requirements but do have a look at which would be most appropriate for your needs (you can find explanations on everything on their website) as they may differ from mine.

Price range: ££-£££

Top Picks:

  • Rose Day Cream Light – just perfection, it provides long lasting moisture, is an amazing base for make up & also looks fantastic if you’re just going bare faced.
  • Tinted Day Cream – as above but with a little extra glow.
  • Illuminating Liquid – I am not a massive make-up person but this was a recent addition & I can’t imagine being without it. Adds a subtle but complexion changing iridescence, truly giving you a glow!
  • Night Serum – has made unimaginable change to my skin. It feels a little odd & sticky when you first start using it but I love how my skin is when I wake up the next day.
  • Volume Defining Mascara – this is one of those things I have searched for forever as many others have clumped or crumbled which is unpleasant. This goes on perfectly, opens your eyes beautifully & stays where you want it to!
  • Rosemary Bath Oil – does what it says on the tin, headily herby, divinely relaxing, the ultimate unwinding addition to any bath especially if you’ve got any aches or pains.