Truly Dreamy Tiger Nut Milk

Truly Dreamy Tiger Nut Milk
Prep in
10 minutes (+ 12-24 hours soaking)
Cooks in
10 minutes (+ 12-24 hours soaking)

Oh gosh where to start with this one …

Tiger nuts are actually nothing to do with nuts … how’s that for a kicker to get us going?! :p

Yes it’s true, in fact these little shrivelled oddities are a small root vegetable, a tiny tuber to be exact, which means as point number 1 they get the big thumbs up for being a dairy free alternative that those with nut allergies can enjoy, wahoo!

Next up because they are part of said root vegetable group they have a completely different nutritional profile than grains and are much richer in resistant starch and fibre, meaning that their effect on our blood sugar is far smaller, yet they still retain a natural sweetness. Big tick number 2.

If you haven’t heard of them before never fear, they aren’t the next odd craze to sweep the nation that will then die away behind a curtain of seeming mis-information, they are here to stay (in my kitchen at least) for numerous reasons, both nutritional and flavour wise.

As I mentioned they are tiny little nuggets but they definitely pack a punch. They are a fabulous source of minerals, Vitamin E and that resistant starch I mentioned before which is brilliant for our digestive bacteria amongst other things. As a massive positive it also helps to prevent separation in hot drinks, HALLELUJAH! ;p

By bringing their natural sweet flavour to this milk (and all other dishes they touch) they also negate the use of additional sweeteners or extras which slightly blander nut milks may require. I personally love to add it to smoothies, have as part of my raw tiger nut porridge, or just generally sip on it cold as traditionally done in South America where it is known as bebida de chufa or horchata.

Key Facts

  • Makes ~1 litre
  • Dairy Free
  • Naturally Sweet Flavour
  • Prep Ahead - Keeps For Up To 5 Days


  • 200g tiger nuts (I personally use these ones)
  • 800ml filtered water



Place the tiger nuts in a large glass bowl or jug and cover with double their volume of filtered water. Cover and leave to soak for 12-24 hours.


Drain and rinse them well then add to a blender with the 800ml of fresh water, blending for 1-2 minutes until completely broken down.


Pour through a nut milk or jam straining bag, gently squeezing until all the beautiful creamy liquid is separated from the meal. Keep in an airtight container for up to 5 days. (You will notice that some sticky sediment appears in the bottom, this is that resistant starch so make sure to shake well before use)


Don’t discard the meal, freeze to be added to smoothies, use in my raw tiger nut porridge or swirl through your favourite yoghurt.

















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