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Roast Sweet Potato, Puffed Chickpea & Sundried Tomato Salad

Roast Sweet Potato, Puffed Chickpea & Sundried Tomato Salad
Prep in
20 minutes
Cooks in
30 minutes

Colourful combinations like this one are my go to at most meals.

The marrying of the beautifully soft sweet potato pieces with the bursts of flavour from the sundried tomatoes, in addition to the texture of the beans and chickpeas is just a match made in heaven.

Sweet potatoes are an antioxidant arsenal in themselves, bursting at the seams with health promoting nutrients like beta-carotene.

As the tomatoes have been cooked they are particularly rich in Lycopene which is known to be cardio-protective as well as of particular benefit to prostate health. And I don’t think I need to say how wonderful the chickpeas and beans are, I’m sure you’re all more than familiar with my reasons for loving them already :p

As always this recipe can be adapted to suit different tastes and preferences; butternut squash or pumpkin can easily sub in for the sweet potatoes, use broccoli in replacement for the green beans and any pulse or lentil will work instead of the chickpeas. For that piquancy in sundried tomato un-lovers (yes they exist!) olives or marinated artichokes are perfect.

Key Facts

  • Delicious & Nutritious
  • Plant-Powered
  • Family Friendly
  • High Fibre


  • 700g sweet potatoes
  • 200g green beans
  • 400g tin chickpeas
  • 200g sundried tomatoes in oil (drained weight)
  • 1/2 tablespoon melted coconut oil
  • 1/2 tablespoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 heaped teaspoon ground cumin
  • Optional: chilli flakes
  • To serve: freshly torn greek basil or parsley, lemon wedges



Preheat the oven to 190°C.


Wash the sweet potatoes well, roughly dry, then chop into 2cm cubes. Add to a baking tray with high edges and drizzle over the melted coconut oil, tossing well to evenly coat all the pieces before seasoning with the pepper, cumin and chilli flakes if using. Toss once more then pop in the oven to roast for 20 minutes.


Meanwhile drain and rinse the chickpeas, leaving them to drain well. Add them to the sweet potatoes after their first 20 minutes of roasting giving the tray a good shake. Return to the oven for another 10 minutes.


Top and tail the green beans, halving any that are longer than your thumb. Place in a sieve over a pan of boiling water to steam for 4 minutes, I use a lid to keep the steam in but a tea towel or plate work just as well (be careful the plate will be hot when you go to remove it!)


Run the sundried tomatoes under hot water to remove any excess oil then pat dry with kitchen towel before roughly chopping into pieces.


Take the tray out of the oven, the sweet potato pieces should be tender but have still retained their shape and the chickpeas should have lightly puffed but not be over dry or browned. Add the green beans and sundried tomato pieces, toss everything together and season with some extra black pepper.


Transfer to a large dish, sprinkle with your chosen fresh herbs and serve with a lemon wedge 😀


I think it is divine by itself, topped with a poached egg or alongside a beautiful piece of roasted fish or chicken.


Keep covered in the fridge for up to 5 days or pack for a fab lunch over the next few days.












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