Sensational Sesame

I’m going to give you all a little insight into my love life today……I am truly & utterly besotted with…..tahini.

(What can I say, I tried but I am just incapable of being serious 100% of the time!)

But yes my adoration for this sumptuous silky siren runs VERY deep & not just because it literally tastes like heaven on Earth!

Long before we all went head over heels for almond butter, tahini was gracing hundreds of tables around the world as an integral ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisines, it’s natural bitter-sweet flavour offering the perfect compliment to savoury & sweet dishes alike.

But as I said the prowess of this potent foodstuff extends far beyond its fantastic flavour, & I have listed a few of my favourite sesame specifics for you below.

Also just as an additional point when it comes to the world of nut butters – they can be exceptionally expensive in their organic forms so not only is tahini just generally awesome it offers a more cost effective option AND for those who need to be nut free well then it’s THAT TOO!

In terms of my personal favourites well then I have 2 (both obviously being omnipresent in my kitchen) & which one I reach for will depend on what I’m using it for. If there’s a need to drizzle, as in the bowl pictured above, then I go straight for Meridian Foods organic light tahini, similarly if I am making a light dressing or stirring last minute into a stir fry. However for energy bites, biscuits, or a super simple snack straight from the spoon then I am heading for RAW Health’s raw whole sesame tahini, a thicker version but one complete with extra texture of the remaining whole seeds.

Now onto those facts……


Singing the micronutrient song in full voice, tahini/sesame seeds have the whole choir in tow. From plant based iron to potassium, magnesium & phosphorous you’re getting all the good guys in with this beauty, & as they are integral to numerous metabolic process in the body, well then we want them in abundance at all times.


This should probably fall in the minerals bracket but it’s SO rich I chose to separate it out.  Anyone on a vegan/dairy free or vegetarian diet would be well served by increasing their sesame intake to ensure they’re getting plenty of this skeletal supporting superstar. It’s also 1 of my absolute mainstays when it comes to my pregnant clients & new mamas who need to replenish their stores as it bring those required levels but without dairy which can occasionally be irritating to the digestive system & new borns (think colicky or fussy babies & dairy could be a trigger – if this is a concern please do feel free to contact me on 07738711183 or via email pliebling@me.com).


Our liver detoxifies via a number of pathways, some of which require compounds known as methyl donors. Tahini contains methionine which is 1 such vital ingredient, so you can absolutely look to this delicious delight for a flavourful way to boost your body’s ability to detoxify (always of benefit especially for those of us who live in polluted cityscapes!)


Because OF COURSE it’s got these too, including all your B vitamins which are the integral components for cellular energy production, that liver detoxification again, the production of neurotransmitters & everything in between, as well as the potent antioxidant & skin soothing vitamin E.


Once again pipping those nuts to the post sesame swings on in at 20% protein. And despite being a plant based source it offers the 9 essential amino acids  (gaining the sought after label of a complete protein) so again for any of my plant based readers this is another gold star for this seedy superhero.


By being in the nut/seed bracket the presence of our fabulously healthy unsaturated fats is pretty strongly implied. And yes with little need to say more, your tahini is going to be a wonderful source of these health supporting compounds, so if you weren’t already reaching for a spoon then head to that drawer & get dipping!